Lakers players surrounded lebron trying to defend him is the only defense i have seen whole game.


It hurts because it’s true


That's the best defense Deandre has played in years.


Did anyone see Russ square up? That was hilarious.


He's ready to throw bricks at any intruders

[-]Kevin Thang

NFL GMs looking to sign Isaiah Stewart to play RB after this


Isaiah Stewart trying to break into the Lakers locker room to reach LeBron

[-]NBA News

Shocking footage of Isaiah stewart coming at lebron james


Isaiah Stewart did the whole “ye im good” bait and “imma kill this mf”


"I'm good, we cool... SIKE"


Piston Security having PTSD


2 days off from the anniversary


Scott foster saying Isiah Thomas instead of Stewart during the ruling is muscle memory


Pistons DNA in his blood. I love it.






Kuz rn


These two teams play in a week. The Crypt better be ready lol


“Hello, police? Im here in the Crypto.com Center and Chris Paul is tryina beat me up.”


Police: The what? Huh? Hangs up.

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  • Doinb今年可能来到fpx之后,首先自己的状态没有去年那么好,然后选手的个人实力,可能没有DK(电子竞技俱乐部)的选手那么厉害。(牛宝)觉得打得不太开心,春季赛打完他觉得可能这样打,没办法拿冠军,心态上已经出了点问题,完全不讲话,可能别人说什么都不会听。就是很好很好的